Our Values

Our Founder Answers the Big Questions.

What are your values as a company?

At Ramona’s we have three core values:

Authenticity – I’m a real mum from a real Mediterranean family - with a genuine passion for making tasty, naturally vegetarian food, with my own family recipes is a story worth telling.

Confidence - Ramona’s is a brand that tells it how it is. Our tone is one of confidence and assuredness. My signature is present on every product as a way of saying 'I believe in this so much, I put my name on it.'

Inclusivity - Our food is NOT just for vegans; it’s for the whole family. Little children, teenagers, adults and grandparents alike can enjoy our food at any time of day. Every product in our range is based on one of my family recipes and, as such, we set out to deliberately treat our customers as though they were family.

What makes Ramona’s unique?

Coming from a Mediterranean background means we are producing products that are not only are delicious, but authentic and traditional. Even as we've grown, my food values have stayed the same. To make super tasty, naturally vegetarian food for the whole family to share, based on my own Mediterranean family recipes – using only the finest ingredients, And I hope you'll be able to taste the most important ingredient of all...Love.

What tips would you give to retailers / delis / foodservice providers using your product?

Delicious mezze boards and sharing platters are so easy to create using our products; our houmous is ready to and our falafel is ready in minutes! They’re also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, which means multiple dietary needs are catered to in one dish!

Our Instagram, @ramonas.kitchen has lots of recipe ideas to try and we even have a blog www.ramonaskitchen.com/blog which is great for anyone looking to be inspired.

What is your favourite product in your range?

Our Original Houmous is always a crowd pleaser but our Jalapeno Houmous must be my favourite- it’s a mouthful of happiness with a little kick! It can be eaten with hundreds of dishes includes mezze’s and sharing platters, but I like to keep it simple spread in a hot pitta with fresh falafel and roasted red peppers!