Our Story

Made with Love.

Growing up, food was the centre of our family life. A table of abundance laid out before us.

Food shared, plates and dishes passed from person to person, always someone eager for a particular dish reaching out and grabbing first. Gentle admonishments, anecdotes and jokes shouted over the hubbub of eating.

Turkish, Egyptian, Greek and Italian dishes Steamed and shined before us. A mish-mash of colourful, aromatic, delicious cusines reflecting my family's heritage and upbringing. Stories of their lives first told to me through food and flavours. Inspiring my life to come.

Coming to the UK, I searched for those once familiar foods. Nothing quite compared to the Levantine flavours or textures I remembered.

There was only one thing for it. Make it myself. And as is our tradition, share it.

From humble plants and pulses come enchanting dishes. Authentic houmous, falafels and dips made for sharing. Generously portioned, nourishing the love between family and friends. A gift passed on from my family to yours.

Ramona x