Pancake Day with Ramona’s

To celebrate pancake day and the launch of our new 750g Houmous in Costco, we challenged foodie, Naturally Vegan, to create some delicious pancakes. But there was a twist…they must be savoury and use our Heavenly Houmous.

We know what you’re thinking ‘what’s wrong with good, old fashioned lemon and sugar pancakes?’ but LOOK, these pancakes did not disappoint, here are her combos:

  • Original Houmous with roasted red pepper and mushroom.
  • Red Pepper Houmous with roasted chickpeas and sliced avocado.
  • Jalapeno Houmous with tomatoes & roasted yellow pepper.

Ready in a matter of minutes, these can of course be enjoyed any time of year and any mealtime occasion. Fancy giving this or any of our other recipes a try? Be sure to take a picture and tag our socials!

Ramona x